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Public contract for users of KVITKI BY service

This Public agreement (hereinafter "Agreement") defines the procedure for the provision of services, as well as mutual rights, obligations and relations between a Foreign limited liability company "kvitki Bel", hereinafter referred to as "kvitki Bel", represented by Director Kazinskogo A. L., acting under the Charter, and the buyer of tickets for cultural, sporting and other entertainment events, hereinafter referred to as "Customer", accepted (accepted) the public offer (offer) on the conclusion of this Agreement.

1. The company "kvitki Bel" is an intermediary between the event organizer and the viewer and is not responsible for failed or cancelled events, change in dates, delay, quality measures and other issues related to organization of events. Responsibility for these matters are the responsibility of the event organizer. The company "kvitki Bel" is not the organizer of any cultural-mass, sports and any other entertainment events (hereinafter - the event). The company "kvitki Bel" sells tickets for events on behalf on behalf and at the expense of the organizer. The company "kvitki Bel" has the right to establish prices and conditions of sale of the ticket, including not determines the location (sedentary) seats at the event also "kvitki Bel" has no right to recover the cost of returned tickets, to replace, to compensate for destroyed, lost, stolen, damaged and other tickets. The company "kvitki Bel" does not compensate for the cost of shipping, the cost of the electronic ticket (E-ticket), etc. when you return the ticket and is not responsible for losses incurred in connection with the event, incl. does not compensate for the value of items lost during the event. The rights and obligations associated with the purchased ticket, are determined and published by the organizer of the event, and "kvitki Bel" under no circumstances is not responsible for the contents, modification, execution of these rights and obligations. All claims regarding the event relating to the conduct, content, quality, advertising, etc., are presented to the organizer of the event.

2. The company "kvitki Bel" has the right at any time to limit the number of tickets purchased/reserved by one person on the site www.kvitki.by and to interrupt the transaction for the purchase of such number of tickets which exceeds the permitted and reserves the right to cancel booking for the tickets, the abuse of client, namely, the daily extension reservation (rebooking) for more than 4 tickets. Before the cancellation (blocking client) technical specialist company sends e-mail client the email notice and a request to contact a technician in a company. The customer receives purchased online www.kvitki.by ticket(s) after payment of the cost of the ticket(s) in accordance with the selected delivery method.

By purchasing a ticket on the website www.kvitki.by the client agrees to the automatic sending of e-mail advertising specified during the registration e-mail and phone number;

The client has the right to use the service of booking tickets on the website www.kvitki.by. Booking means a reservation for an event (a event). Reserved tickets must be paid within 24 hours of the reservation. Cancellation of the reservation is manually impossible. When the payment is made at the value determined by the event Organizer at the time of actual payment of the ticket(s). After the procedure, reservation of tickets, the reservation code is sent to the client by e-mail.

The client may purchase reserved ticket at any ticket office network "kvitki Bel", presenting the received code when booking the reservation. The full list of box offices "kvitki Bel", their addresses and operating hours can be viewed by clicking on the link counter in the top right of the website. The ticket can redeem in the cashier, any person who produces an 18-digit code of the booking. The opportunity to reserve tickets for the event shall be terminated 72 hours prior to the event.

3. If the event is cancelled, postponed, or changed venue, time, etc., the company "kvitki Bel" is not obliged to reimburse the cost of the entrance ticket to the client (the Code of the Republic of Belarus on culture, p. 5, article 217). Service fee is not returned to the client, as the service is rendered. Money for tickets to the failed event returns the event organizer, unless otherwise specified. In case of cancellation of the event on the website www.kvitki.by provides information about how to return money for the tickets.

4. On the website www.kvitki.by can be given references and links to information available on the Internet from third party sources. As "kvitki Bel" does not control those sites and the information contained on them, "kvitki Bel" is not responsible for the accuracy and reliability of this information. Any use of the site www.kvitki.by, content and data for illegal purposes and for the purpose of sale or resale of tickets, for advertising or other action with the purpose of obtaining benefits, including intermediation in the sale of tickets is prohibited without the prior written consent of "kvitki Bel". In case of violation of the conditions of work with www.kvitki.by "kvitki Bel" has the right to terminate the customer's use of the resource www.kvitki.by and/or abort the transaction on purchase of the ticket by the specified person unilaterally.

5. The implementation on the website www.kvitki.by any action, the Client confirms that: - he is an adult natural person having full legal capacity to work with the online resource; - it is a legal entity whose representative has all the rights to the www.kvitki.by on behalf of the legal person; - it is properly fulfilling all the terms of work with "kvitki Bel";

6. The company "kvitki Bel" reserves the right to charge the customer a service fee or increase the cost of the ticket, in coordination with the organizer of the event. "Kvitki Bel" with the implementation of tickets are entitled for a fee to provide additional services to your clients. Amounts received for services rendered to customers "kvitki Bel" additional services are proprietary income "kvitki Bel" When purchasing tickets at the point of sale partners may charge an additional fee for booking the ticket. "Kvitki Bel" is not responsible for the extra amount. The size of the Commission can be found in retail outlets partners "kvitki Bel".

7. "Kvitki Bel" does not check whether the person presenting the ticket is the person who purchased the ticket and shall be responsible for any damage caused thereby. One ticket to the event can get only one person. Responsibility for the safety of the ticket are the responsibility of the viewer. While attending an event on the basis of a ticket printed by the client, the client is included in the first presentation and(or) scanning of the ticket inspector. Tickets with identical bar code have no legal effect for "kvitki Bel" "kvitki Bel" is not responsible for the authenticity and identification of tickets purchased in unauthorized places (not in the point of sale "kvitki Bel" and not on the website www.kvitki.by). The ticket must be kept in a safe place - direct sunlight and high temperatures may damage the quality of the form of the ticket and hamper reads from the bar code. Changes and/or additions to this Agreement shall be made unilaterally by the decision of the Contractor.

8. Text changes and/or additions of this Agreement or its new edition is notified by the Contractor to the public through the publication of relevant information on the official website "kvitki Bel" - www.kvitki.by

9. Disputes hereunder shall be referred to the court of Partyzanski district of Minsk Economic court of Minsk (in the case that the client is a legal entity) in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.