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How to buy KVITKI BY tickets for events?

Our company tries to make the purchase of the event tickets more convenient, quick and easy. That’s why we offer different methods of purchasing and payment.

To buy an E-ticket via the website KVITKI BY

On the website you can see the seating plan and find available seats and their prices, and then you can choose the most convenient payment and delivery methods for you.
  • Credit card. You can use any credit / debit card to buy tickets. Payment for the order is made through a secure communication protocol, which is a completely safe operation.
  • Self-service bank terminals and bank branches. By choosing CALCULATION (SSIS) method of payment, you will receive the order number right after the system complete the process of generation. Received order number should be written down and used as the order number when paying via Bank branches, self-service bank terminals, Internet - and SMS-banking.
  • Electronic money. You can use electronic money EasyPay, belqi, WebMoney and any type of e-money, if it supports the system PAYMENT (SSIS), to pay for your order.
Attention! If you do not have the ability to print e-tickets received by e-mail after payment, you can print them in our signature box office "GUM" (transition Independence Avenue - Lenin street) and TSUM (Independence Avenue 54).
You just need to have the tickets on any media device (USB, Flash, phone, etc.) and be able to show them the cashier for printing.

Detailed instruction how to purchase tickets on the website you can find here.

How to buy tickets at the box office in Belarus

You can buy a ticket (or buy using the reservation code) at any cashier's office KVITKI BY, including the offices of our partners throughout Belarus. It is important to know that when you buy tickets at cashier's office of our partners, you may be charged an additional fee. To learn more details about the amount of the fee refer to cashier's office where you would like to make a purchase.

Moreover, you can use the advance booking service of seats via www.kvitki.by. The price of the service is 2 byn.
  • To buy tickets at the official sales outlet KVITKI BY without any additional fee:
  1. TSUM, right side of the building, 3rd floor. Address: Nezavisimosti, 54, Minsk. Working hours: Mon-sat: 09:00 - 21:00 Sun: 10:00 - 18:00.
  2. The underpass near GUM. Address: Nezavisimosti 23, Minsk. Working  hours: Mon-Sun: 09:00 - 21:00.
  • Euroset, Svyaznoy, Top Tour and other offices in Belarus:
  1. Offices in Minsk
  2. Offices in Minsk region
  3. Offices in Brest region
  4. Offices in Vitebsk region
  5. Offices in Gomel region
  6. Offices in Grodno region
  7. Offices in Mogilev region
Detailed instruction how to purchase tickets at the ticket office you can find here.

To order tickets by phone number 7360

Concierge service number - 7360 (Velcom, MTS, life :) ).
Toll: MTS - 0.61 rubles/min, Velcom - 0.55 rubles/minute, life:) - 0.60 euros/minute including VAT.