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Спектакль ''Шамаціла'' (16+)

Th 16/03/2023 19:00
11.00 - 14.00
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A fairy tale for adults 16+
Yuri Kulik
Director: Anna KOZLOVA
Artistic director: Daria VOLKOVA
Musical arrangement: Gennady GARANSKY
All the characters of this performance are well over 60 years old, except Shamatsila. They live as if in two worlds: one of them they are going to leave, and the second one they are only musing about. Shamatsila, who is the beholder of this long earth adventure, is excited by the thoughts of what has happened to them and the reason for that. “Foul weather, a man is bad, a wife is silly, children are ungrateful, water is wet and in general…” And he is so excited, that they try to comprehend something, recommence and even rectify at the instant of transition from one world to another.
And they met deadlines. What about Shamatsila? Shamatsila has no age.
Duration with an interval: 2 hours


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