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Спектакль ''Пінок'ё'' / Пиноккио'' (6+)

Fr 09/06/2023 11:00 - Tu 11/07/2023 11:50
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Musical tale in two acts for the whole family
Category of the audience: 6+
Author: Carlo Collodi
Director: Vladimir SAVITSKY  , Vitaly BARKOVSKY
Artistic Director: Darya VOLKOVA
Choreographer: Anastasiya OSTAPENKO
Musical arrangement: Pavel ZAKHARENKO
Translation: Janna LASHKEVICH
Time never stands still in a fairy tale - after  hundred years the Big Oak from the fairy tale about the wooden man Pinocchio appeared almost in the center of the city. And the center has its own rules: do not litter (with acorns and leaves), do not make noise (with branches - even if the wind blows), do not interfere (for example, with busy traffic).

For a hundred years, the citizens have completely forgotten the story of the wooden man Pinocchio and his father Geppetto. So the Cat and the Fox fraudulently convinced them that the city is only for people, so they need to cut down the Big Oak in order to build something in its place - preferably a large multistory entertainment center called The Country of Entertainment.

Such news worries and even frightens the Fairy, the owner of a fairy tale. Her friend, the famous royal storyteller Little Rouge, is in a hurry to help him - he is the slyest (you may have met him at the Puss in Boots performance). He is smart, funny, not afraid of anything! And therefore surely will think up something...
Premiere: November 30,2018


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Sold out Спектакль ''Пінок'ё'' / Пиноккио'' (6+) Sold outSold outСпектакль ''Пінок'ё'' / Пиноккио'' (6+) Театр юного зрителя, Минск
Buy ticket Спектакль ''Пінок'ё'' / Пиноккио'' (6+) Спектакль ''Пінок'ё'' / Пиноккио'' (6+) Театр юного зрителя, Минск
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